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If you would like more information about the Chorley Ramblers, please contact our Chairman Mike on 07854 367305 or Email mikewisdom143@gmail.com

Chorley Ramblers offer a wide variety of walks within the beautiful West Pennine Moors and the outlying villages from Rivington in the East to Mawdesley in the West and from  Houghton in the North to Adlington  in the South.  We also venture further afield to the Lake District, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

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Thank you Brian and Kathleen Allman

Heartfelt thanks and well wishes go with Brian and Kathleen. We're sad to see you go but do understand that health comes first. Brian has been involved with Chorley Ramblers since it's very beginning and between them, Kath and Brian have led and served on the Chorley Rambler's Committee for an amazing 41 years.

We'll still see Brian and Kath around as they will be co-ordinating the Footpath Checking for the Northern and Western parishes of Chorley and will join us on some of our shorter walks.