Chorley Ramblers Walk



Code Grade Description

E   (Easy) Few obstructions, perhaps a few gentle climbs, good surfaces (up to 5 miles)

EA (Other) Easy access

L    (Leisurely) Field and other unsurfaced paths. May be hilly, could include stiles, stepping stones etc.

M   (Moderate) As (L) above, and moorland. May include sustained and/or steep climbs

S   (Strenuous) Rough paths and mountains. Ascents and descents may be many or long

Please note:
On some longer walks and those over 5 miles with a.m. start, remember to bring a packed lunch. Passengers in cars are invited to contribute to the driver, 8p/mile toward the cost.
Carers with responsibilities for disabled walkers must ascertain suitability of the walk prior to the day of the walk.
Dog owners should check with the walk leader before bringing their dog along.

Non members are welcome to try up to 3 free walks after which we would invite them to join the The Ramblers Association.

Rambling, in common with many leisure activities, contains inherent hazards. The safety of members is always of paramount concern, but accidents will occasionally occur. It is important that each member appreciates that they have a personal responsibility to identify associated hazards and to take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimize the potential for an accident to arise.

.Chorley Ramblers Walk Programme from 5th December

Due to the strict requirement of Contact Tracing
only Rambler Members can currently attend walks

The Chorley Ramblers must be in line with the Government and NHS Guidelines

There's been no change to the Ramblers Associations guidance since 30 July. Walk Leaders can choose the number of people they have on their walks - as long as it's up to maximum of 30 in England.
No car share offered.
Ramblers joining the walk must now register their details Name & Mobile/Email at the start of the walk.
Social distancing of two metres must be observed.
Walkers are encouraged to carry hand sanitizer.

The walk leaders will keep the walk register of members at the walk so if anybody starts to reported covid-19 symptoms then they can be notified and asked to isolate. People who are vulnerable or caring for vulnerable people should consider the situation.

To submit walks please use the format below and send to:   copy to: and

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31st December 2020
Due to the restrictions of Tier 4
all walks are postponed until further notice

31st December 2020
Due to the restrictions of Tier 4
all walks are postponed until further notice